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The Solution to all of your IT Needs!


Managed IT Services

IT Services, networking maintenance, infrastructure, troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades

Office Equipment

High quality office equipment including computers, servers, firewalls, and printers


Cybersecurity network assessments, troubleshooting, anti-virus, data integrity, 

backups, and Cybersecurity roadmaps

What we do

Managed IT Service Provider

Our team is here to help companies solve their IT needs. We understand that technology challenges can massively impact company performance. We enjoy resolving IT problems and finding new ways to prevent them before they even occur. With our knowledgeable technicians and 24/7 service, we can help your business run smoother than ever.

Managed IT Solutions

Receive 24/7 IT Support, remote monitoring, disaster recovery, and network solutions that allow companies to focus on their business growth and goals instead of IT headaches.

Cybersecurity Services

More than ever, companies are the targets of cyber attacks. We will keep your company on the cutting edge of cyber protection and reduce downtime with our 24/7 security.

Office Equipment

We work with vendors from all across the world to provide high-quality office equipment at a great price.

why we do it

Why Work With Us?

Keeping up with IT equipment and networking can be a demanding process. There are updates constantly for every device connecting to the internet. Our network maintenance team has years of experience keeping networks safe and running as efficiently and fast as possible. We will troubleshoot and do what ever it takes to solve the issues you may be experiencing.

We value ourselves as one of the leading providers in keeping companies safe and problem free from technology concerns. Our team can provide IT services, troubleshooting, repairs, and IT network maintenance for all businesses. 

With Synergy Solution IT managing your IT, you will have more freedom and time to focus on your company and its growth while we make sure your IT runs as efficiently as possible. Between our excellent customer service, and expert IT professionals, we are the best IT Management team for your business.

What our clients say


Nancy E.

Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV
~Review left via Yelp

"We recently had a computer issue  at our home in Summerlin a week ago on a Monday...Not only do I go to work but I also work remotely from home...I had a department meeting on my ZoomApp in the afternoon and I was truly stressing...I called a friend of mine who just recently had an offline challenge and she suggested I call Synergy Solution IT and we did...They are an amazing company that employs very knowledgeable and caring IT specialists...That said, they sent a specialist to my home within an hour, found the problem and fixed it immediately...I was early for my department meeting and all I got is thank you Synergy Solution IT..."

Tim H.

Las Vegas, NV
~Review left via Yelp

"Excellent service.  They resolved an issue I was having with my network within a few hours.   I wish I would have called them sooner, it would have saved me days of frustration."

Contact Information

Find us here: 7398 Smoke Ranch Road
Las Vegas


Phone: 702-410-0117